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Welcome to Lucy Lou

Parenthood is amazing, but parents of today have more on their plate and face more criticism for their choices, than ever.

This site is about helping mums and dads get their game-on.  Parents need information and equipping so they can do less-faffing and more enjoying, of what is, a crazy but incredible journey.

Having been a doula for the past 12 years, and having attended over 100 births, I’ve had a privileged role in being a part of many remarkable beginnings…

My own motherhood-beginnings occurred some 16 years ago and I’m now mum to six children of my own (aged between 5 and 16 years) and foster mum to numerous others…. a blog for another time.

Carrying, birthing and socialising a human being is no small task, but there is nothing like it, and I’m hoping this website will offer some tools and insight so you can embark upon your own whole-heartedly and without hesitation.

It’s my hope that the information you find here, builds some added support (& fun!) into your life and that it helps you grow in confidence in your new role….   and that, as you head forward, you can feel me encouraging and cheering you on!

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