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6 Reasons mums STOP breastfeeding

At no point have I ever called me a staunch breastfeeding advocate.

When I was pregnant, I simply assumed that I WOULD breastfeed and that it would be as simple as that.  A generally positive outlook on life (and the fact I was a little clueless) meant I never entertained the thought that breastfeeding would be difficult.

I was in for a rude awakening.

My early breastfeeding days would set the stage for cracked nipples, engorged breasts, infected milk ducts and a baby who would slip off, just when I thought I’d mastered her latch. Read more


Baby loves a snuggle and don’t we all, but what recent research shows us today is that cuddling our babies uninterrupted and skin-to-skin, directly after their birth, has some truly staggering benefits.

So what is skin-to-skin contact? Skin-to-skin contact or Kangaroo Care (KC) is when a naked baby is popped tummy-down on the mum’s or dad’s bare chest.  In the instance of Kangaroo Care, a top is worn over you both.  I know… cute.

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Perhaps no one could have prepared me for breastfeeding, even if I had have been a little more tuned in. I mean, if there was a degree obtained through childbirth education, I had graduated with Honours.

At the time, I couldn’t get enough of the stuff.  Labor signs, contraction management strategies, physiology of birth, the current trends and birth gurus – vaginal birth, caesarean birth, breech birth, Active Birth, Calm Birth, Hypnobirth, Orgasmic Birth… You name it, I knew about it.   I mean, I hadn’t actually done any of it myself yet, but I sure went to the class, bought the t.shirt..

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