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When talking with expectant mums, I’ve always majorly underplayed the extent to which their life is about to change.

Sure, there’s going to be lots of new joy, wonder, and excitement, but a newborn, by nature, can leave you a little rattled, scratching your head, wondering how the heck you got yourself here (although I’m sure your memory isn’t quite that bad).

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*Photo used with thanks to Jes Jackson.

Early days with your new baby are super precious and as keen as you’ll be to show her off, you’ll need some clear boundaries to ensure you and your baby can thrive. 

You’re gonna need your space, it’s crucial! but there will be a crowd of your nearest and dearest for whom this is also a precious event.  You’ll need to balance the two; and a delicate balance it will be! Read more


As soon as you discover you’re pregnant, there’s a world of adjustment that’s required and much of it is to be relished and delighted in.  However, you may have been so enchanted by these that you haven’t considered the biggest and most imminent of changes to your lifestyle yet to come – when baby arrives!

I remember those first few weeks of motherhood feeling quite disoriented as I struggled to reconcile who I had become and what my new role in life was to be.  I would later learn that this was quite a common experience, as a parent struggles to adjust all the changes this new role brings.  Read more

DEAR DAD: TIPS FOR WEEK ONE (don’t get your balls busted for bad prep)

Dear Dad

Feeling freaked about what lies ahead?  You’re not on your own.

You’ve been the innocent bystander for the past nine months, watching your partner morph, but now it’s time to dig deep and take hold of your inner-DAD!

Don’t get your balls busted for bad prep.  Meet your bub’s arrival with your marriage (and man-hood) in-tact; play these weeks well and you’ll come out looking like a hero. Read more

‘He’s two days old and heroin-addicted​’ BONDING WITH A BABE IN A SLING

The call arrived late one afternoon in August 2010.  Similar phone calls had been made for thousands of other babies across NSW over the years and would continue to do so.  But for us, this was our family’s first experience of such a request.  

Becoming foster carers had felt like a long wait, but now all our training was complete, we were considered accredited for the task.  Read more