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Occasionally you hear that story of the girl who discovers she’s pregnant the moment she goes into labour…. I have no doubt that these stories are true, but they are perhaps a little on the margin!

For the rest of us, especially those with a longing and a reasonable amount of self-awareness, we want to know what our bodies are up to and are keen to read its signs.

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DEAR DAD: TIPS FOR WEEK ONE (don’t get your balls busted for bad prep)

Dear Dad

Feeling freaked about what lies ahead?  You’re not on your own.

You’ve been the innocent bystander for the past nine months, watching your partner morph, but now it’s time to dig deep and take hold of your inner-DAD!

Don’t get your balls busted for bad prep.  Meet your bub’s arrival with your marriage (and man-hood) in-tact; play these weeks well and you’ll come out looking like a hero. Read more


Perhaps no one could have prepared me for breastfeeding, even if I had have been a little more tuned in. I mean, if there was a degree obtained through childbirth education, I had graduated with Honours.

At the time, I couldn’t get enough of the stuff.  Labor signs, contraction management strategies, physiology of birth, the current trends and birth gurus – vaginal birth, caesarean birth, breech birth, Active Birth, Calm Birth, Hypnobirth, Orgasmic Birth… You name it, I knew about it.   I mean, I hadn’t actually done any of it myself yet, but I sure went to the class, bought the t.shirt..

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