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Occasionally you hear that story of the girl who discovers she’s pregnant the moment she goes into labour…. I have no doubt that these stories are true, but they are perhaps a little on the margin!

For the rest of us, especially those with a longing and a reasonable amount of self-awareness, we want to know what our bodies are up to and are keen to read its signs.

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Calling all pregnant women!  You might have realised by now that your body is producing a miracle-a-minute.  The extraordinary way that your system has naturally turned into a baby-nurturing-wonderland is incredible.   Blows your mind, doesn’t it!?  Your baby is getting the goods and this is always a reassuring thing, however, sometimes the flaw in the system is when YOU need to rest.

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When talking with expectant mums, I’ve always majorly under-played the extent to which their life is about to change.

Sure, there’s going to be lots of new joy, wonder, and excitement, but a newborn, by nature, can leave you a little.. rattled, scratching your head, wondering how the heck you got yourself here (although I’m sure your memory isn’t quite that bad).

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Baby loves a snuggle and don’t we all, but what recent research shows us today is that cuddling our babies uninterrupted and skin-to-skin, directly after their birth, has some truly staggering benefits.

So what is skin-to-skin contact? Skin-to-skin contact or Kangaroo Care (KC) is when a naked baby is popped tummy-down on the mum’s or dad’s bare chest.  In the instance of Kangaroo Care, a top is worn over you both.  I know… cute.

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As soon as you discover you’re pregnant, there’s a world of adjustment that’s required and much of it is to be relished and delighted in.  However, you may have been so enchanted by these that you haven’t considered the biggest and most imminent of changes to your lifestyle yet to come – when baby arrives!

I remember those first few weeks of motherhood feeling quite disoriented as I struggled to reconcile who I had become and what my new role in life was to be.  I would later learn that this was quite a common experience, as a parent struggles with the many changes this new role brings.  Read more